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Hoorshid team at a glance


Tahmineh Akbarinejad


Master of Architecture


Farhad Ebrahimi

Master of Engineering Facilities


Kaveh Khatibi

Master of Structures


Mahsa Bastanfar

Bachelor of Interior Architecture


Mahmoud Bahadori

Master of Architecture


Saeed Shokriyan

Master of Architecture


Behzad Rahmani

Bachelor of Architecture


Mohsen Ahangari

Bachelor of Architecture


Hamideh Rimaz

Bachelor of Landscape Engineering


Ali Piltan

Master of Electrical Engineering

Introduction of Our Team

Founded by Tahmineh Akbarinejad, Hoorshid has started its activities in the field of design, then, it has become one of the leading designers inّ the field of interior by doing more than 40 successful projects over time.

There have always considered three elements of quality, time and cost in the project to drive it with the highest quality in the shortest time and at the right price. By considering these elements together, our company has been able to generate a lot of financial resources, and reputation for own clients, which are mainly privately owned. This is the key to our success in maintaining cooperation with clients in different projects.

Hoorshid Project Portfolio

  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Residential building
  • Interior design
  • Administrative - Commercial
  • Economic studies and technical justification

    Justification of projects in different aspect of market, economical and technical assessment and preparing IIR project in software

  • Managing and control project

    Designing, establishing the planning system and projects control to prepare technical instructions and standards

  • Build and implementation

    Projects implementation according to company policies by using EPC and specific management technics and strategies, especially in contract management

  • Interior Design

    We turn an idea to reality by employing different commercial-administrative-industrial – residential building and villas with restructuring and decoration

  • Electricity and lighting design

    From assessment of different systems, design and accounts to prepare technical documents and implementation plans up to take approval certification

  • Control and monitoring

    Monitoring and control on projects to construction projects implementation in form of high-level of supervision

  • Studies and consulting services

    Project identification, phase-zero studies, information and requirements acquisition to prepare proposal

  • Furniture Design

    unique furniture with modern design makes a statement in your home

  • Decorative design

    The decorative arts are arts or crafts whose object is the design and manufacture of objects that are both beautiful and functional.

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